Repair Information

United States Customers Online Quote: Precision Camera service and repair includes a complete inspection of all functions, repair and/or replacement of all parts necessary to ensure your Sony digital imaging product meets factory specifications.

1) Please choose your model and fill out your personal information during the checkout process. Print the receipt and include a copy with your product when sent in for repair. The service order number provided at the end of submission will help us to locate your repair status on our site or by email\phone./span>

2) Package the Sony product carefully using ample padding material to prevent damage in transit. Include a copy of your sales receipt to validate warranty or extended warranty. Do not include the lithium batteries that accompany your product if they are unrelated to your issue. We suggest insuring the package for your protection.

3) If necessary, following inspection, Precision Camera will: (i) email a repair estimate to you; or (ii) confirm that your Sony product is still covered for service by the limited warranty. Please contact us as soon as possible to either make payment or have your product returned without repair. If after 30 days we have not received a response from you, Precision Camera will send reminder letters and/or e-mails to you. If Precision Camera does not receive a response from you within 60-90 days, Precision Camera will mail the product back to you.

Note: The repair estimate is subject to change after the product is inspected. Conditions that void warranty include, but are not limited to: impact damage, sand, liquid damage and tampering. All Precision Camera repairs (except minimum repair) are covered by a three (3) month repair limited warranty.

Click here for information about our repair policies and procedures.

Click here for manuals and information about our Sony USA Warranty policies.

If you choose not to set-up an online Repair Submission or if your Sony product model is not listed, please review the warranty and repair policies and procedures (above), then Contact Us to obtain a repair estimate for repair service and instructions for shipping your product to Precision Camera for repair.

     Do you have questions? Please choose from one the contact methods below:

Pre-Repair Inquiries: 
Warranty validation, repair pricing, questions regarding your camera, model not listed in our online repair quote form.

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(239) 768-7547 - Monday - Friday - 9:00am - 8:00pm Eastern Time

In Process or Post Repair Inquiries: 
Repair Status, shipment tracking, payment for out-of-warranty repairs.

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